Write Your Name in Runes: Convert Letters to Runic Symbols

The Rune Converter transforms Roman alphabet, as used in modern English, into five systems of Germanic runic writing: Elder Futhark, Anglo-Saxon runes, Long Branch Younger Futhark, Short Twig Younger Futhark and staveless runes (note that it does not translate the words themselves, it only converts letters into runes). A possibility to choose between these allows to establish a connection with a certain bloodline, tradition or historical period: for instance, if one wishes to emphasize the Viking connection, why use the Elder Futhark, if Vikings did not use it? One should choose between one of the Younger Futhark options instead.

Note that the present converter works with modern English only. Letters with Old Norse (or any other) diacritics will not be converted into runes.

Got Old Norse Word or Phrase to Convert Into Runes?

Here is the guide that will help: How to Write in Old Norse With Futhark Runes. Convert Old Norse texts manually, the choice of runes depends on grammar.

What Types of Runes Are Supported?

  • Elder Futhark is the most ancient Germanic runic alphabet that was in use from the 2nd to 8th centuries by all Germanic tribes. This system of runic writing has a very peculiar and complex inner structure.
  • Anglo-Saxon Futhorc.
  • Long Branch variant of the Younger Futhark, also known as Danish runes, is the normal or standard representation of the Younger Futhark, which began to develop at the end of the 8th century and was accepted by the 10th century in the whole of Scandinavia.
  • Short Twig variant of the Younger Futhark is also known as Rök runes. It was used in Norway and Sweden along with the Long Branch variant that was more characteristic for Denmark.
  • Staveless or Hälsinge runes were used only in a restricted area and may be a good example of minimalism. They also may be interpreted as a secret writing system.

What To Write With Runes?

Viking runes

Perhaps the most obvious idea is to write with runes one’s own name. For more creative solutions and complex phrases one may find helpful to read about the magic runes or runic love quotes. Note that Scandinavians had a tradition to write with runes various Latin sentences.

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Make sure you checked the following articles:

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Please do not post requests to translate anything into Old Norse. This page is about how to convert letters into runes, not about how to translate from English into ancient languages.

Waiver of Liability

Keep in mind that computer generated texts should be used with caution for any permanent use like tattoos or engravings. This tool is provided “as is”, without warranty of any kind.

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  • Jon

    I have been searching around online in a lot of different places to try and figure out the correct runic symbols to use for this phrase and have come across different things as your posts have suggested I would run into. I was hoping you could help me out, are there specific runes for the word “lost” and “love”, not necessarily just translating the letters but if there are runes for those words. I found one for love but could not find for lost. Any help would be appreciated, thank you

    • Viking Rune

      Hello Jon. Runes are basically an alphabet, they work pretty much the same as letters, so they don’t convey whole ideas or notions (except for some rare uses in charms). More on this here: Norse Runes Do Not Convey Whole Words.

  • Jeff

    hi all, I’m about to get a family related tattoo, very prominent artist, significant investment and want to incorporate my children’s names in anglo-saxon runes. The tool that’s available on this website is amazing and I’ve been trying to educate myself as to be as accurate as possible, but I’m curious about the translation of sounds. It seems the translation of Rowan, and Michael are fairly straightforward with the tool but i’m concerned if Daniel will be an issue with the sounds “IE”. The tool isn’t returning any duplicate runes, so I think I’m ok, and to be honest i don’t think there would be any problems with the tattoo overall, but I’m striving for as much accuracy as possible, Any help in this matter would be greatly appreciated. Cheers all. and once again, thanks to this community

  • Alle

    Hello, I’m trying to translate the word “godspeed” into Younger Futhark, would it come out just as the translator says or would one of the e’s be dropped as they create one sound? I’m trying to translate for my grandmother who’s family is purely Germanic, and I want to make sure the spelling would be correct. I understand a letter could be dropped I am just unsure of if one would be or not. Thank you very much!


    Good translation [elder futhark]-My own is just like this on our ancient name SUDDARTH-in the U.S. since 1630 – in Scotland since 900-Norman in France down from Viking Danmark before that.

    • Viking Rune

      Thank you for sharing this.

  • Wolff

    I wish to get a tattoo, Fate is the word I wish to translate using Younger Futhark- Long Branch, is the translation on point or is some alteration required?

    Thank you!

    • Viking Rune

      Wolff, the converter will change the word into runes letter for letter. If you need the translation into Old Norse, look for the word in a dictionary.

  • Christinne

    Great site! Keep it like that!

    • Viking Rune

      Thanks for the feedback, Christinne.

  • Marina

    Thanks for making this excellent and informative site!

    • Viking Rune

      You are welcome, Marina.

  • Svetlana

    Want to know more about runes

    • Viking Rune

      This site offers a lot of material just for that, Svetlana.

  • Michelle

    Hello, I know you are busy translating, especially now with the series “Vikings,” being so popular, but I was hoping you could confirm something for me. I want to honor my Norwegian heritage by tattooing my middle name “Synnove” into Younger Futhark – Long Branch. This name is also shared by my mother and grandmother, so I really want to get this right. If I use the converter, I am assuming I would spell out the name, but drop one of the N’s. Would that be correct?

    • Viking Rune

      That will work.

    • Nathan

      No, it doesn’t drop the N’s in the name. you are welcome Michelle.

  • Zachary Flamel Waterlow

    what i want to know is how to make this into a keyboard

    • Viking Rune

      I think, carving runes into the keys will work )

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