Viking Motto in Old Norse

According to a definition, motto is a short expression of a guiding principle. Mottos in ancient languages have always been popular, since they express such principles with authority and wisdom of the ancients. User friendly interface below helps to create online mottoes in Old Norse, the language of the Vikings. Catchy phrases that can be created using this tool may be also interpreted as Viking slogans or even battle cries. Such a motto would adorn a weapon as an inscription or shock enemies when shouted during a reenactment of a Viking battle.

If you would like to write your motto with runes, follow this tutorial:
How to Write in Old Norse With Runes

1. (noun) and (noun)
E.g.: blood and death


2. (noun) is (noun) to (noun)
E.g.: man is wolf to man

  is    to  

3. from (noun), (noun)
E.g.: from suffering , wisdom

from    ,  

4. (noun) (verb)
E.g.: time flies

5. (noun) is in (noun)
E.g.: gladness is in battle

  is in  

Based on the Latin motto generator, with the author’s kind permission.

Waiver of Liability

Keep in mind that computer generated texts should be used with caution for any permanent use like tattoos or engravings. This tool is provided “as is”, without warranty of any kind.

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  • Angel

    Thank you for the site. I’ve been studying the runes for a time now but lacked the linguistic approach so far. I’ll study them now with the help of your side ti increase my inner insight.
    Is there any email you have to ask you privately some doubts?

    Thanks and great site again

  • zach

    how possible is it to translate this into runes?: vatn ok vísdómr
    i’ve been trying to do as much research as i can to avoid getting something completely different in runes.

    • Viking Rune

      Hello Zach. Here it is:

  • Justin Johnson

    Hello looking to translate the Viking prayer into Scandinavian rune. Not sure if you are able to help tried myself but could use some help.
    Lo there do I see my father
    Lo there do I see my mother and My sisters and my brothers
    Lo there do I see the line of my people back to the beginning
    Lo do they call me they bid me to take my place among them in the hallowed halls of Valhalla where the brave shall live forever

  • brian


    Can you help me im looking to get a tattoo in old Norse.It will read Mind Over Matter.
    Is there a direct translation to old Norse or some kind of symbol that represents the phrase.

    You help would be appreciated


  • Thomas Oak

    viking runes,
    i am one of 6 sons of Hans John Thorwald Eg, born in kolding Denmark. I am born in Australia but we are honored to be of Danish and viking descent, we are proud of our ancestors and their beliefs.
    My father has passed and being unable to afford a headstone i have raised the largest stone i could possibly raise from our island property. Could you please help me in the translation of the following:

    “May the winds, tides and gods favour your journey to the gates of Valhalla.
    Where you will take your place in the line of our fallen.
    And where our fallen will forever live”

    I would be indebt to you if you were able to translate this for me as close as possible to my danish heritage as i will carve it into stone to honor my father.

    Tusind tak,

  • Mike

    Hi, I run a softball team called the Crosby Vikings and we are looking for a short chant to say before the game. Some sort of battle cry that is 5 or 6 words or any other suggestion would be much appreciated. Thanks. Also if it is written in Nordic then we would probably need a phonetic translations please. Thanks

  • Kaptajn Nørd

    I’m looking for someone that can help me with the sentence “not all those who wander are lost”. To put in in Icelandic or Old-Norse. I’m quite familiar with the grammar, but the dictionary we can use at our university (I’m studying Scandinavian Languages) doesn’t have the translation for “wandering”.

    • benny

      vandra vandrade vandrat swedish irregular verb

  • Gary

    Hey ya Viking Rune. I sent this post but saw no confirmation so 2nd attempt. I previously requested a rune translation for a poem, however after reading your rune translation pages, I see how even though a English word can be translated into Rune, and a person of that period would be able to pronounce it,l It would still be a non word to them as they don’t use the word converted. Therefore would you have a translation such as Scandinavian/Norwegian/Icelandic etc etc for this poem? Im not sure if its is a historically accurate poem or a finctional poem from the movie.
    Thanks for the help, and fantastic site too.

    “Lo there do I see my father.
    Lo there do I see my mother.
    Lo there do I see my brothers and my sisters.
    Lo there do I see the line of my people back to the beginning.
    Lo they do call to me;
    they bid me take my place among them in the Halls of Valhalla,
    where the brave may live forever.”

    • Viking Rune

      Hello Gary. This text is based on the account of a ship burial witnessed by a 10th century Arab traveler named Ibn Fadlan. He provided description of the Rus people (who were Scandinavians) in his work entitled Risala. So the original is in Arabic. A possible translation from English into Old Norse is as follows:

      Sjá, þar sé ek minn föður.
      Sjá, þar sé ek móður mína, bræður ok systur.
      Sjá, þar sé ek forfeður mína alla frá upphafi.
      Sjá, þeir kalla til mín,
      Þeir bjóða mér til sætis við öndvegi, hjá þeim í sölum Valhallar,
      Þar sem hinir hugrökku mega lifa til eilífðar.

  • Johnson

    why are mottos translated into lettering, and the names to “runes?” which is elder futhark? quick explanation please between the “runic symbols” and old norse that appears in “lettering.”

  • TheoWulf Moore

    I need to translate our clan motto into Old Norse, and am having a little trouble with the grammar. The motto reads “THERE WILL BE FREEDOM, AS LONG AS THERE ARE WOLVES.” It is meant to be read two ways – alternatively, “AS LONG AS THERE ARE WOLVES, THERE WILL BE FREEDOM.” I have been trying Icelandic ( especially for ‘freedom’ ie, ‘frelsi’ ) but accuracy is important, for tattoos, banners, etc. I work with The Elder Futhark but your interpretations could be essential.

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