Create Life Mottos in Old Norse Online

vikings attackingJust added a new feature: the Old Norse motto generator. This allows to create viking mottos or slogans online through a user friendly interface according to five grammatical patterns. The first one is «(noun) and (noun)». Choosing words in drop down menus allows to create such Old Norse phrases as «blood and death», or «sword and battle». However, the choice of words is rather rich, so why not create something like «love and poetry»? The second pattern is «(noun) is (noun) to (noun)». It allows to create phrases like «man is wolf to man». The third pattern is «from (noun), (noun)». It generates phrases like «from suffering, wisdom» or «from mead, pleasure.» The fourth pattern is «(noun) (verb)», like «time flies», or «earth keeps silent». The fifth pattern is «(noun) is in (noun)», like «gladness is in battle» or «life is in faith».

Thus one needs simply to choose the words in the menus, press the “Create motto” button and get a grammatically accurate motto in the language that vikings spoke. The Old Norse motto generator allows you to create slogans in a dead language without the help of scholars trained in Germanic studies. The number of possible combinations is huge, so it is up to your creativity which elemnts to choose. The resulting Old Norse phrases may be used as inscriptions or even battle cries.

Photo courtesy hans s. Used under the Creative Commons Attribution-No Derivative Works 2.0 Generic Licence.

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  • Andre Turck

    The friend of my brother is my friend and the enemy of my brother is my enemy.

    • Viking Rune

      Sounds like an interesting motto, Andre.

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