Viking Motto in Old Norse

According to a definition, motto is a short expression of a guiding principle. Mottos in ancient languages have always been popular, since they express such principles with authority and wisdom of the ancients. User friendly interface below helps to create online mottoes in Old Norse, the language of the Vikings. Catchy phrases that can be created using this tool may be also interpreted as Viking slogans or even battle cries. Such a motto would adorn a weapon as an inscription or shock enemies when shouted during a reenactment of a Viking battle.

If you would like to write your motto with runes, follow this tutorial:
How to Write in Old Norse With Runes

1. (noun) and (noun)
E.g.: blood and death


2. (noun) is (noun) to (noun)
E.g.: man is wolf to man

  is    to  

3. from (noun), (noun)
E.g.: from suffering , wisdom

from    ,  

4. (noun) (verb)
E.g.: time flies

5. (noun) is in (noun)
E.g.: gladness is in battle

  is in  

Based on the Latin motto generator, with the author’s kind permission.

Waiver of Liability

Keep in mind that computer generated texts should be used with caution for any permanent use like tattoos or engravings. This tool is provided “as is”, without warranty of any kind.

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  • TheDude

    I am Hoping to find a credible graphic representatation for “suffering and death to the breaker of oaths”

    This is for a nidstang tattoo.

    I understand how serious this is and would add an incantation to protect my son’s if that is any indication of the seriousness of it.

    • Magnus

      Consider the helm of awe or ægishjamr. It was used by vikings before battle as a protective symbol, it struck fear into the enemies and thereby protected the wielder of the helm of awe (sometimes translatd to helm of terror).

      • Viking Rune

        Magnus, we have no evidence that Vikings ever used ægishjálmur as a symbol, it first emerged in early modern Icelandic galdrabækur.

  • Doug

    Hi there

    I want to get the following in an Elder Furthark rune script but I want to get the Old Norse translation right to make sure it’s grammatically accurate.

    “As did Odin, Sacrifice for Meaning, Wisdom and Power”

    Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you

    • fedaykin

      i dont have the fonts but,
      “sem gerði oðin, fórnað fyrir merkingu, visdomr ok kraftr”
      i think… my 2 pence

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