Norse Names

Norse names are Germanic names used in the northwestern European countries of Scandinavia, sometimes called Nordic countries. Norse names are male and female names originated among Scandinavians in Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Iceland, Greenland, Åland Islands and Faroe Islands.

Norwegian Names: Top 100 Names Popular in Norway

by Viking Rune 13.01.2012
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Find below the list of the most used Norwegian names from 1880 through 2010, according to the data provided by Statistics Norway (Statistisk sentralbyrå). Statistics for 2011 are not ready as yet, but in 2010 the most popular boys’ name in Norway was Lucas and the most popular girls’ name was Emma. In 2009 the […]

Germanic Names in the Eldest Runic Inscriptions

by Viking Rune 06.07.2010
Vadstena bracteate

Male Names Ado – Gammertingen (Baden-Württemberg, Germany), ivory box. Adujislu – Westeremden A (Groningen, Netherlands), weaving-slay of yew-wood. Meaning: ādu- < *auda, ‘wealth’ and -jīslu < *gīsalaz, ‘hostage’ or ‘offspring’. Aebi – Schwangau (Bayern, Germany), gilt-silver buckle. Æko – Chessel Down II (Isle of Wight), silver plate. Æniwulufu – Folkestone (Kent, England), gold tremissis. Meaning: […]